Promise Walk for preeclampsia 2019


May 5, 2019

The Placenta Lab was very happy to take part, for the second time, in the 2019 Ottawa Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. The Promise Walk raises funds to support awareness and research efforts aimed at tackling this devastating disease of pregnancy which kills almost 70,000 women each year. The Placenta Lab had a booth set up with placenta experiments, information about the placenta and placenta-mediated diseases, and lots of fun activities for children!


Science and Tech Museum


October 20, 2018

The Placenta Lab was thrilled to take part in an outreach event at the Science and Tech Museum. We had a variety of fun activities for kids to share our placenta love! Dr. Bainbridge presented on the placenta at the Curiosity on Stage event, teaching us that the placenta is the most important organ you have ever owned.


Science Odyssey


May 16-18, 2018

The Placenta lab was very excited to host a booth at the Canada Wide Science Fair STEM Expo at Carleton University! We were thrilled to meet some of the youngest and brightest minds in the country, and educate them about the importance of the placenta. In total, thousands of visitors were able to take in the content we had to display. 




May 16, 2018

What better way to learn about science than over a pint of some of the finest brew in Ottawa? Pint of Science does just that! The Placenta Lab was able to entertain over 80 attendees with talks on how the placenta works, AI in placenta-mediated disease, and more! Three cheers for science! 


Promise Walk for preeclampsia 2018


May 6, 2018

With Preeclampsia being one of the leading diseases associated with the placenta, the importance of this event strikes very close to home. We had the opportunity not only to participate in this fantastic event, but also to educate the other participants about the placenta! We had a placenta plinko, placenta experiments... even placenta cookies!


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